Why the Name is "PinkWood®"

When our customers use PinkWood® products, they are supporting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in their search for a cure. For every gallon of paint used in our coating process, we contribute a royalty to the foundation. Our company name, "PinkWood®," was inspired by the Canadian Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Campaign and demonstrates our pledge of long-term support for the foundation as it strives to create a future without cancer.

Where to Buy

PinkWood® manufactures premium I-joists under the trade name "PKjoists". PKjoists are manufactured to precise tolerances on high-speed equipment to yield the best possible physical properties and to maximize strength. PKjoists will resist warping, crowning and shrinking.

Our residential joists are available in multiple series ranging in depths of 9.5" up to 24", and are manufactured in lengths up to 58'. Our PKI™ Series are manufactured with either 2x3 (PKI™ 10, 20, 23) or 2x4 (PKI™ 35+, 40, 50) flanges with specific proprietary lumber grades.


Our PKJoists Are Available in Two Categories

1. Standard pkjoists

Our Standard joist has a pink protective coating only on the ends. The purpose of the end coating is to protect the joist against moisture penetration.

As a value added option, PinkWood offers a Class A and Class B Fire Rated coating often referred to as "PINKshield."  As an intumescent Fire Rated Coating, PINKshield is used to inhibit the spread of flames. 

Our Class A Fire Rated coating will reduce the flame spread index to a rating of 25 or less. These coated joists take approximately 5 times as long to burn through as bare, unprotected joists. The flame spread index of the web at our Class B Fire Rated I-joists ranges from 26 to 75. It takes approximately 2.5 times longer for these joists to burn through when compared to unprotected joists. 

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2012, IRC section R501.3 or 2015 IRC, section R302.13 complaint. 

In 2012, International Residential Code (IRC), Section R501.3 was amended to provide for "Fire Protection of Floors". It was updated in 2015 IRC, Section R302.13. This Code change, which is now being introduced in a number of jurisdictions, stipulates that if wood I-joists are used in residential home construction, the builder must do one of three things:

  • Sprinkler the home
  • Drywall the basement
  • Protect the joists to achieve fire performance equivalant to a solid sawn 2x10

    The test protocol, which sets out the testing required to achieve the "equivalency" to a 2x10, is stipulated in AC-14. 

    PinkWood® has developed and patented a proprietary product to meet this code required fire performance. Trademarked as “WEBshield™, PinkWood® all wood based protective panel can be used to bring standard PKjoists into compliance. This is accomplished without the need for continuous coating, foam boards, foil, papers, concrete sprays or gypsum. All of which make mechanical penetrations almost impossible.

    WEBshield™ panels come in 24” lengths and are designed to rest between the top and the bottom flange of the I-joist. Sizes ranging from 9-1/2” to 14” deep are easily obtained and attached. A pink protective paint is used on the ends to guard against moisture.

    Where to Buy

    Without WEBshield™ 
    With WEBshield™