PinkWood® Ltd. manufactures structural wood I-joists for use in residential housing as well as commercial buildings. Our state of the art production facility is located in Calgary, and represents the newest high speed facility in North America. Designed and built by Lewis & Clark Machine Inc. of Hines, Oregon, PinkWood® fabrication capabilities range from 9-1/2” deep residential series I-joists to 24” deep commercial series I-joists.

With PinkWood® Patented WEBshield® technology, standard residential series I-joists are protected for code required Fire Performance provisions of unfinished wood floors and ceilings.

This patented joining of technologies allow builders to utilize standard PinkWood® brand products for their entire home - simply attach the WEBshield® to the PinkWood® I-joists as prescribed and you’re done. It’s a straight forward solution for all your unfinished wood and floor ceiling assemblies. We do it easily, and we do it affordably.

PinkWood® is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service and products that meet the highest possible standard of quality.

PinkWood® produces the most advanced i-joist system in the industry

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PinkWood® manufactures premium I-joists, under the trade name "PKjoists™". They are primarily used as part of the floor systems in residential and commercial projects. PKjoists™ are manufactured to precise tolerances on high-speed equipment to yield the best possible physical properties and to maximize strength. Our I-joists will resist warping, crowning and shrinking.

PinkWood® residential joists are available in six series ranging in depths of 9-1/2" up to 24", and are manufactured in long lengths up to 58'. Our PKI™ Series are manufactured with either 2x3 (PKI™ 10, 20, 23) or 2x4 (PKI™ 35PLUS, 40, 50) flanges with specific proprietary lumber grades.

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"While unprotected I-joists provide architectural flexibility and excellent structural integrity, they do not provide sufficient fire protection. At Cook Custom Homes we exclusively use PinkWood's® fire rated I-joists. Our customers appreciate that we use products that protect their investment and their family."
- Brian Cook, Cook Custom Homes
"When we use PinkWood® we build safer homes. It also helps reduce the spread of flames in case of fire. That's smart. As a builder, it makes sense to use PinkWood."
- Mike Holmes, Make It Right Construction
"We are indeed supportive of PinkWood® Ltd. and their philanthropic endeavors to not only support a worthwhile cause, but improve the homes and lives of those that purchase this product. The name of this product is synonymous with their support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and with a quality product that saves lives."
- Bill Carstairs, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation