PinkWood® produces the most advanced I-joist systems in the industry that are specifically designed to make a home safer. Wherever possible, we seek to develop and manufacture I-joist systems that are designed to reduce the dangers of fire, both during the construction process and for the duration of occupancy by the homeowner. Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service and products that meet the highest possible standards of quality. Our products meet or exceed all code standards, conform to the highest quality standards, and are manufactured under strict environmental and health requirements.

Why the Name is "PinkWood®"

When our customers use PinkWood® products, they are supporting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in their search for a cure. For every gallon of paint used in our coating process, we contribute a royalty to the foundation. Our company name, "PinkWood®," was inspired by the Canadian Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Campaign and demonstrates our pledge of long-term support for the foundation as it strives to create a future without cancer.

Where to Buy


In 2012 PinkWood opened the newest I-beam mill in North America that started commercial production in February 2014. This new facility is the most advanced, versatile joist manufacturing facility ever built.  We chose to build this factory in Calgary, Alberta CA to be as close as possible to the raw materials needed for I-joist manufacturing.  This advantage helps PinkWood control costs by being more efficient in production and delivery than the competition. PinkWood is committed to bringing the most advanced I-Joist system in the industry to make safer homes across the United States and Canada.