Fire Rated and Code Compliant 

In 2012, International Residential Code (IRC), Section R501.3 was amended to provide for "Fire Protection of Floors". It was updated in 2015 IRC, Section R302.13. This Code change, which is now being introduced in a number of jurisdictions, stipulates that if wood I-joists are used in residential home construction, the builder must do one of three things:

  • Sprinkler the home
  • Drywall the basement
  • Protect the joists to achieve fire performance equivelant to a solid sawn 2x10 lumber joists


    PinkWood® has developed a patented assembly product to meet this code required fire performance. Trademarked as “WEBshield ® PinkWood's® protective OSB panel can be used to bring standard PKjoists into compliance. This is accomplished without the need for proprietary items such as continuous coatings, foam boards, foil, papers, concrete sprays or gypsum. All of which make mechanical penetrations impractical.

    WEBshield® panels come in 12" and 24” lengths and are designed to rest between the top and the bottom flange of the I-joist. Sizes ranging from 9-1/2” to 14” deep are easily obtained and attached. 

    Where to Buy

    Without WEBshield®
    With WEBshield®


Why Choose WEBSHIELD® to Meet Code

  • All the benefits of a wood I-joist with a fire performance that meets code requirements. PinkWood's FRI Assembly (Solid Sawn I-joist + WEBshield®) offers equivalent fire performance of 2x10 dimensional lumber
  • PinkWood's FRI Assembly eliminates the need for expensive sprinkler systems or 1/2" gypsum board applied to the basement ceiling
  • Considered "Trade Friendly" by Electricians, Plumbers and HVAC contractors as NO special tools and/or fasteners are required when working with PinkWood's FRI Assembly
  • Framers prefer working with PinkWood's FRI Assembly for its lightweight handling, wide flange nailing and side nailing capabilities
  • WEBsheild® protective panels are available for all Solid Sawn flange I-joists
  • PinkWood's FRI Assembly creates the feeling of a stiffer floor as vibration is reduced
  • WEBshield® panel installation is very flexible creating opportunities for money saving options
  • No additional I-joist sku's required (use your current inventory of solid sawn flange I-joists with the addition of WEBshield® panels)